The Ultimate Analytics

September 11, 2016

The Ultimate Analytics

Before I tell you about something really cool, I want to acknowledge something. This is my first blog post…and it is about time. Nonetheless, it is here. I was supposed to start this a couple of months ago but just failed miserably. So now I am getting around to it. Without further ado, the Ultimate Analytics…

Google Analytics is good, like real good. Recently, they updated their analytics to be even better – so now they should be considered amazing. Surprisingly, there is something better or at least in some cases. They way to determine what is better is by your needs. If you simply need to track the amount of visitors to your site, want to keep track of your bounce rate, or are looking for the certain demographics that are finding your site – Google Analytics is exactly what you need. They are the best in the business. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. But sometimes you want more than that.

What is More?!

More is amazing. As a business owner, you want to know more than who visits your site but rather what they do while on your site. You want to see more than just a bounce rate, you want to see why they are leaving your site OR why they are converting. These questions can loom over your head or you can conquer them and know exactly why what is happening on your site. Ok, enough of the confusion and me trying to hide stuff from you. I have one word…


Yeah, hotjar. So, imagine being able to see exactly what your visitor does on your site. Imagine knowing what type of device they are on and having the opportunity to see just how responsive your website really is. These are all great things that can be imagined…or they can be reality. Hotjar does just this. It tracks every move, every click, you even see the visitors cursor as it scrolls through the pages. You are literally able to track everything. Best of all, they offer a free plan that anyone can manage. So yeah, don’t get rid of your Google Analytics as they are still great to have around – but definitely incorporate Hotjar into your tracking software. You will not be disappointed.


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