What We Are Up to…

November 11, 2016

What We Are Up to…

It has been awhile since the last blog post, sorry about that. I wanted to give a little update on what we have been working on. It is not nothing as it seems. A little while I announced to a segregated part of my customer base that we were going to be unleashing the Ultimate Member Area. This was going to include key things such as tutorials on how to use your site, marketing techniques, and advice and insight on social media marketing along with a ton of other resources. Well yeah, great stuff right?!But all of that could not happen overnight. It was going to take some time. So, I spent time working on it. And I am getting closer to it all being integrated. Right now, I currently have the tutorial area integrated. The majority of the tutorials are currently on blogging but I am in the process of creating a second section for all e-commerce needs. While we do have full hosting options to take care of these needs, we understand that you as the business owner may want to take care of these areas yourself. We want you to be fully capable of doing just this by providing you the necessary education.

Of course, we have been working on more than just that. We are in the middle of a few major projects and some smaller ones. We have just finishing up a couple of projects and are nearing the end of a major project. Of course, not a lot of insight there but that means that we have been busy on creating new business. This has taken away from things such as keeping this blog updated or letting you know about our latest projects. From now till the end of the month we plan on unveiling some of the latest projects that we have been working on – we hope you enjoy.


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