You have to eat fat to lose fat

February 28, 2018

You have to eat fat to lose fat

So, yeah…I guess it’s true. You have to eat fat to lose fat. Lately it seems that I have been focusing more on the eating fat part and less on the losing fat part. But, it is an interesting concept. Many times you will hear of people that are cutting way back. They will cut certain ingredients or types of food out of their diet in an attempt to lose weight. There is a common theory that if you cut calories or if you cut sugars then you will lose weight, but is that the truth?

Well, I got bad news for you – I am not a dietician. From what I heard though, in order to effectively lose weight you have to eat the right fats in order for your body to realize that no, it is not being starved it just has to much fat hanging around! More importantly, losing weight cannot be something that is tied to just a diet for 3 months, it has to become a consistent lifestyle to maintain the desired weight that you are looking for.

In my opinion, marketing is much the same. From my experience, I hear business owners say that they don’t need to do marketing either because they are making so much money that it just don’t matter or they are just not making enough money so they can’t spend on it. Well, I disagree.

First off, in order to make money you have to spend money. Part of the money that you have to spend should be on marketing. I am pretty sure that Coke is at the place where they don’t need to spend more money on marketing yet they do. Coke has realized that being top of mind in consumers minds will increase their sales. In some regions it is to that point that people desire a Coke to drink even though they may be referring to some other type of soda. Interesting, right? A lot of other top brands do the same. They focus on building their brand and creating a top of mind awareness to help drive their sales.

If you wait until you are almost out of money to start investing in a marketing campaign…you are a little late. You can’t expect a marketing campaign to get results for you the same day. Marketing is a process of positioning your company or brand to be a leader in the marketplace or industry that you are apart of. It’s a process. Just like losing weight, it has to turn into a lifestyle.

This lifestyle has to be diversified. Some companies try to use just social media or one channel on social media, this does not work. When you are losing weight proteins are great…but you have to have more! A diversified campaign should span several different channels and mediums to ensure the greatest results. These should be working together to promote your message.

In conclusion, just like it takes you eating fat to lose fat – it takes you spending money to make money. Don’t be afraid to do it, you company needs the investment to succeed.


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