A man. A plan. Customers?

October 29, 2018

A man. A plan. Customers?

What is the #1 thing that makes your company a success? Most likely, the answer to that question is, in some way, customers. Every business needs these to survive. Whether it is just one huge customer or a lot of small ones, we all have to make money somehow. So, why is it that we focus on marketing channels and tactics rather than on our customers?

That’s a weird question, dude….

Yeah, I understand what you mean. Obviously, I am wrong. We have to use marketing channels and tactics to speak to our customers, there really are no other ways. I understand that. No, really I do! But let’s not focus on the marketing channel or tactic or trend or fad or anything else. Let’s focus on the CLIENT!

We can have the best Instagram game ever, but what good does it do if our clients or future customers are not on Instagram? Marketing takes time. Lots of it. So, let’s start building a plan that best uses our time and sends the best message to our customers.

So, what channel should I use?!

Ahhh, not the right question. Before we ever look at what channel we should use, let’s first build a marketing plan. The old saying comes to mind, failing to plan is planning to fail. As much as we do not like to like think about this, it is true.

The first step should be defining what you offer. Who are you? What does your business offer? What is your 30 second elevator pitch or are elevators just awkward for you? What value do you bring? What sets you apart from your competitors? Now that you have defined your product, who you are. It is time to define who your customer is.

I market to everyone…

Many times when I ask this question to a client they give me some type of answer that basically says everyone. This is not a valid answer. Never. You have to define a customer avatar. Who is your preferred client? If you were forced to knock on doors to get a client, which door would you knock? The same message that speaks to a 65 year old will, most likely, not speak to a 25 year old. When you define your customer avatar it allows you to determine what message you are going to send.

Before you look into channels and tactics you need to have a clear, concise message that you are going to be sending through all of your marketing channels. When a client visits your website how do you want them to feel? Should they have that same feeling on all of the different channels that you market on?

So, about those channels…

Now that you have defined a few things, you are able to determine what marketing channels that you are going to utilize. Maybe you find that print is a good spot for you or maybe you need to be across all the digital channels. You can then look at the channels in the different groups and determine which ones will speak best to your target audience. Oh, and then you can decide which tactics you are going to use on those channels. How your Facebook is going to look and what message you are going to look.

Setting all this up requires a lot of work. But, your business will be better because of it. If it feels like too much work or you just need direction to get going, reach out to us at StarrWebVision. This is what we do. We help companies setup their marketing plans to be successful.


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