Internet Explorer – a browser?

April 16, 2019

Internet Explorer – a browser?

When designing and developing websites browser compatibility can cause major problems….to the point of having to change designs around. It’s a problem. A real problem. And, when the problem arises, the client always chooses to look at me…understandably. The problem goes deeper than me. Browsers and the internet are an interesting subject that maybe we can talk about some other time when we all feel like geeking out.

With that being said, as a developer and designer I am responsible to make sure that the site is compatible on most browsers. And I do. But, there has been some alarming news that has been coming out of the Microsoft camp.

If you are familiar with Microsoft you would be familiar with both browsers that they boast, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is a “newer” browser that Microsoft has created that is heaps better than Internet Explorer. There is still some development that is being done on it, though, I think, they have hopes that it will be a legitimate competitor to Google Chrome. Their second browser is Internet Explorer – the point of this post.

In February, Microsoft’s Security Chief (Chris Jackson) made a bold statement in a blog post stating that Internet Explorer is “not supporting new web standards” on the browser. If you are reading this blog post on Internet Explorer and see many excessive problems, maybe consider your browser.

Internet Explorer has moved to a position where it is for more intranet needs and other internal things not your main browser when looking at all the latest articles online. Further, there are security problems that seem to be arising as late as this week.

If it seems that most sites that you visit lack great design and seem broken – consider your browser. Google Chrome is the best browser out there, in my opinion. There are other comparable ones, but for everyday browsing it is my weapon of choice.


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