Product Highlight: Plutio

April 3, 2019

Product Highlight: Plutio

One of my struggles, when I was starting out in the freelance space, was finding a project management tool that would meet my needs. I wanted something cool, but also something that was reliable. Something reliable, but not something too expensive. Time would go on. I would progress past my freelance days and continue to look for that perfect solution. And then, one day, I got addicted to AppSumo. That will probably be a blog all in its self. But it changed me…and also has cost me a lot of money.

While on AppSumo one day there was something that caught my eye. We all have had it happen. Something catches your eye and you can not help but stare at it wondering if it would be perfect for you. Well, I concluded it was. Its name was Plutio.

Now, I have worked with Plutio for awhile. And I still love it. It has transformed my business. It is an online program, or Software as a Service, that has continued to progress. Matter in fact, they have a roadmap that is open to the public and have some really exciting features that they are planning to release. But, they also have a fantastic product that can help your business. Now.

Plutio was originally designed for small teams and freelancers. But, in my opinion, it can be used for the large teams as well. But, enough talking about it. Let’s actually dive in and see what it has to offer.

Plutio is an all-in-one business management tool. It does everything from helping you with project management to helping you manage proposals, send invoices, and has growing CRM features. One of the big features is the recent Inbox feature that was just released which is actually something that can be added to your website to help you have live chats with just about anybody. That is cool. Like really cool.

One of the worst things about running solo is managing your schedule. Plutio helps with this. It can sync with your calendar showing you all the events. Further, if you set up your projects properly with start and end dates you can view which projects you should be working on with the anticipated end date. That is way cool. That helps with estimating your revenue and planning your schedule to get those projects launched ON TIME!

It also supports white labeling which means if you are my client and you get an email from Plutio…it probably looks like it is from me. And something that is really cool is that it will actually end up in my sent inbox so I know exactly the email my clients have received.

It also supports time tracking – a very useful tool if you want to get paid. This time tracking does integrate with the invoicing feature. Just so many cool things. It is your one-stop tool. I could ramble on, and maybe someday I will further, but for now, I think I have said enough to convince you that Plutio is awesome. Check out some of the features in the pictures below!

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