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Jonathan listened to my ideas for my website and built something that is deeply satisfying to not only me, but my clients as well. Jon has been willing to guide me in the right directions and offer expertise (marketing, for example). I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with him when I did and am appreciative of our ongoing collaboration.

Eric Nance

Pathways to You, LLC
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Marketing Automation


Don't be afraid of automation or strategy - we keep it simple: attract new leads, capture their info, nurture them, and then convert them. The process is simple and, with our strategy, the execution is simple as well. 
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Attract the Perfect Prospect

Getting leads can be one of the most difficult things for companies. Want to know what is harder? Attracting the perfect prospect. We help simplify this process by identifying who the perfect prospect is and then focusing on channels where we can find them. In the attract phase we work to provide consistency through all channels. 

Capture the details

Getting the phone number seems to be one of the hardest things to do no matter where you are in life. It makes no sense to attract all this traffic to your website and then not capture the details! All that work for nothing?! Our process includes certain strategies that are proven to get the details of website visitors or go find those people. 97% of the people that go to your website won't be back. We work to get the 97% back. 

Nurture the prospects

Have your ever looked at the potential revenue you could make and then never see it happen? Yeah, we have all been there and it never makes us feel good. Our goal is not to just have a bunch of prospects sitting in a CRM or database, but actually, and strategically, nurture these prospects into take the next step with your company - whatever that might be. 

Convert and make some money!

To be honest, this is where you come in. We help get you to the point of the sell but we believe that you, as the business owner, marketing manager, or salesperson, are most qualified to ensure that your leads get closed properly and on-time. We provide you the tools to make sure it happens and are with you every step of the way!

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You are on the verge of transforming your business. 
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Automation Kit

How do you get more leads and clients? That can prove to be difficult! Our Marketing Automation Blueprint makes it easy.
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This webinar breaks down the Marketing Automation Kit in an easy to use format with principles that can be implemented immediately. Lots of times for questions as well!
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Speak to one of our experts and find out how your marketing system compares to the Marketing Automation Kit. You will leave with at least one tip to increase your ROI.
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Ready for smart websites?

We don't create websites, we create systems that help businesses streamline their operations and marketing to become more efficient, profitable, and increase revenue. See how we can help you!
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Getting started can be the difficult part, we try to make it easy. With just a couple of questions for reference, we will reach out to you with a no pressure consultation. 
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