Giving Tuesday 2020

For many of us, 2020 has been a year of ups and downs with tremendous difficulties that we have had to overcome. Earlier in the year there was adaptation that had to happen in order to have a chance to stay successful in a vastly changing world. It felt temporary, but time has shown that some of those changes are here for the foreseeable future.

Which is fine.

From a business viewpoint, we have to adapt or face the alternative. And…in many cases we have seen business come up with tremendous ideas or implement processes they have avoided for awhile. It is difficult to find a restaurant that does not deliver or have curbside pickup now, in January of this year that was more of a novelty. At least in our market.

So, for all of you that have been able to adapt or are attempting to start a new business in 2020 we say congrats and are extremely excited for you.

Coming off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday we felt kind of nasty with all of the deals that were being offered and all the money being spent in time when a lot of people are struggling. Of course, we also want to support businesses as they are feeling the effects of the economic situation… and we did support a few businesses through the purchase of their products.

But we want to do more!

So we are announcing our first ever website giveaway. We think this is a huge way to give back to the community. Now is more important than ever to have a precise online presence that is pristine and easily found. Now is not the time to DIY and hope that it works.

So what does this include?

1 hour Discovery Session where we take a deep dive into your business
5 page custom website design (no ecommerce, but if you are running a ecommerce business we suggest you apply anyways as we may still consider it if we believe in the idea)
6 months of hosting
We will be taking applications all throughout the month of December and deciding on the business that we will be working with at the end of December.

Again, this is completely free. No strings attached. We even offer 6 months of free hosting to ensure that you can do whatever you want with the website.

Our goal is to give back and to help people in the community.

Ready to get started ?

Getting started can be the difficult part, we try to make it easy. With just a couple of questions for reference, we will reach out to you with a no pressure consultation. 
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