Stay off the blacklist: 5 tips for optimizing your Google My Business profile

August 23, 2021

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that is necessary for any business that is planning on doing business in their local market. It gives your business the ability to more easily get found locally in search results and also appear in Google Maps when queries are made for “businesses near me.” With this wonderful tool also comes great responsibility. If you use methods that go against Google’s Terms of Use policy there is potential for the account to become disabled and, just like that, you are not getting found in Google search results.

About the blacklist…

There are many reasons as to why your account could get suspended. The suspension can result in you needing to adjust something on your profile all the way to you not showing up in results at all. Not good! The reason for your suspension can vary. Understand Google controls it. Don’t think you are special and can get around their terms of use.

But, why would you get suspended?

Google has many reasons why your account might get suspended. The biggest thing is that you need to within their guidelines that they have setup. But, that list is long and umm, sometimes confusing? So, here are a few tips.

  1. Make sure that you are careful about who has access to your account. If someone get’s their account suspended and they are connected to your account your account will also be suspended.
  2. If you do stuff that is spammy with your profile then you might get suspended. Basically, spammy stuff is when you do lots of things really fast. For example, going through and making a bunch of edits or suggested edits on Google Maps. There are many users who explain this has caused problems.
  3. Only show your address if you actually have a physical address for your business. If you are a home based business where you don’t meet with anyone at your house, you better hide that address.

It is important to consider these tips when you are setting up your profile otherwise…that suspension might be coming. But, enough of the dangers of Google My Business, there are a lot of easy tips to make your profile optimized and ready to go. Here we go…

  1. Start with the basics

Make sure you have your website and phone number listed in the proper fields. Google will not rank a business unless they are able to find this information on the Google My Business page, as well as verify that it is accurate. If you provide an email address or social media account Google might use these for verification. If this information is inconsistent from other online profiles for your business then you will run into factors that could cause it to rank less. This is why it is important to make sure you use a citation builder that will help build these listings consistently across several platforms. Google has a Google My Business listing for Google Maps, Google+, and of course Google Search.

2. Get the Google Reviews

I get it, it doesn’t feel ground breaking. But, many times when we are working with a business they do not have a solid process in place to collect Google Reviews. Emailing your previous clients to get their Google Reviews is not a process. It should be consistent, repeatable, and easy. There are many software platforms that are available that will help make this easy. Google is looking at these Google Reviews to see how active users are with your company. It is also important for your to respond to all of your Google Reviews. Whether this has an effect on your Search Ranking doesn’t matter, what it shows to customers that are looking at your profile is that you are active with your business and care what your customers say. Good or bad review, make sure you give a response.

3. Consistently Create Posts

Google My Business is not a set it and forget type of system. Well, social media isn't that type of system at all. Matter in fact, about the only think you should do that with is your alarm clock. I digress, ensure that you are creating posts that are about your business or about what your business offers. This should help you get a little higher in the search rankings.

4. Add photos

Everyone loves a good photo. Guess what?!! Google does too! Take some of photos of your work, your office, your team, or anything else engaging and applicable to your business and add them to your photos. This will help you to stand out in the crowd.

5. Create your products and services

This one is ignored a lot. For no good reason. Google My Business gives you a golden opportunity to showcase your products with their product section. You can add a photo, price range and description. This will help your business and your services or products get found quicker.

Take a day and implement these tips to get found a little quicker in the search rankings. If you need help or want to consult about how to implement them, our team is ready to help you grow and succeed!

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