Why You Should Take SEO Seriously: The Benefits of Investing

August 16, 2021

Why are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies so important for any business? Well, it is because SEO can be an effective investment in the long run. There are many benefits that come with having a good Search Engine Optimization strategy including: more traffic to your website, increased sales and ROI, better customer conversion rates, and much more. This blog post will walk you through some of these benefits as well as give you information on how to set up a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign for your own company!

You should take Search Engine Optimization seriously because it holds a lot of benefits. Search engine optimization can be an effective investment, meaning that you will receive great returns on your money in the long run for all the time and energy put into SEO campaigns. Think of it this way, when you spend money on ads you are renting space in order to get leads to generate revenue whereas when you build your online presence through SEO it is along the lines of owning space. Sure, there is upkeep that is required when you own property, but the benefits are much greater.

Many business owners consider SEO difficult and cumbersome so they avoid the investment of time or money. Our goal is to simplify SEO so that you can climb the ranks in your local market. Here are three big tips in your SEO expedition:

  1. Writing that blog post

We get it, nobody enjoys writing the blog post. Besides, you probably saw it coming (hint: stay around for the 3rd tip, it's easy) cause everyone knows that you need content to succeed with SEO. Well, they aren't wrong. Blogs are great tools for succeeding with Search Engines. But, don't just think that any blog post will do. You have to optimize the keywords that are used in the blog posts to words that are actually be searched. This means, you have to have a plan. Don't give us that standard line of: we tried it and it didn't work. If I tried to jump out of an airplane with a parachute, it wouldn't work for me...that is why I would choose to go with an instructor. Before you start all that blogging you should do something called keyword research. There are many tools that you can use to help with this. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

2. Linking within your site

So, maybe you have heard of backlinks. Those are links that link to your site from a reputable site. Google loves it as it helps establish your credibility and thus increases the chances of you being found for that specific article. Basically, you can think of yourself as an expert on that subject. But, another key tip is actually linking to pages that are on your own site. This begins to interconnect your site and make it where everything is linked together. Google follows this maze of links realizing what goes with what. This helps bring purpose (aren't we all looking for purpose?!!) to the content that you have on your site. Google loves it.

3. Optimizing that Google My Business

You may have heard of the old Google My Business profile. Great! So, then you went through the process of setting up your profile and got that postcard in the mail. Again, great. But, now what? Oh, the fun has just began! Your Google My Business profile is one of the greatest resources you have when you are a local business. If you are an online only business then you probably should avoid the whole thing as it can get you a bed reputation with Google and nobody wants to be on the bad side of Google. I mean nobody! But, for us local businesses this is what can get us found...without writing that blog post! Sounds complicated? It is not. Once you have your business verified, then you need to optimize your profile. After it is optimized, and with some ongoing TLC, this could just be your ticket to getting all those phone calls.

This is just the start of what you can do with your Search Engine Optimization. You should check back to this article periodically as we will be posting more tips on how to better optimize your site for SEO.

As they say - do you know where the best place to hide a dead body? On the 2nd page of Google. Use these tips to get found!

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